Deborah Davies Counselling

14th July 2024 
Tel: 07711 067657

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at the first meeting?
A session will last 50 minutes. We will talk about what you would like from therapy and whether I think I will be able to help you. If we decide to work together we will establish an agreement about what day and time we will meet each week.

How long does therapy usually last?
This of course depends on the individual. I offer both short term (more goal oriented) and long term therapy. We would discuss an approach based on my assessment of what I believe would best benefit you.

How does counselling help?
Many times the primary problem for clients is isolation, either emotional or physical, this is true even for those who live within a family or community. By coming to therapy you can share your problems with someone skilled in listening and who will help you understand how past experiences and current behaviour may be linked.

Do you offer phone or on-line therapy
Yes I offer both phone and on line therapy.

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